- Production Designer

John Wick Experience

Client: Lionsgate/John Wick 3 Agency: Unit 9 Films Design Director: Ron Beach Jr

The Continental Experience was an exact replica of John Wick’s famous safe haven, and took place in One Hanson Place, the real shooting location for the film. The one-of-a-kind immersive event included seven interactive stations and wall-to-wall engaging experiences, each one further drawing fans into the world of the movie.

Upon arrival, guests checked in at the front desk to collect their gold coin, just like in the film. From there, they met the controllers at the switchboard, who determined whether or not they were “excommunicado” like John Wick at the start of the third movie. Other highlights included bulletproof suit jacket fittings, immersive theatre actors, a stunning ballet performance, tons of special swag, and an exclusive gallery of John Wick fan art.

The immersive experience had a lot of moving parts, and our team coordinated and executed them all flawlessly. We ensured the interactive stations and performances were accurate and remained true to the world of the movie.